Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fossils & Agates

Sorry folks, I have to pull this one off the shelf for now- it's getting a big re-write then I'm going to submit it to a pro magazine. I'll post the results here, wish me luck!

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Garrett W Vance said...

This story is a fiction of the 'magical reality' variety. The character of 'McGuffey' is based loosely on a fascinating old fellow who really ran just such a rock shop on the banks of the Columbia River back in the 1970s. The personal details of this character are entirely fictional.

I made the header art from a photo I took in Namibia, the landscape and geology there was strikingly similar to my old stomping grounds in wide open Eastern Washington State.

This story is copywrite Garrett W Vance, all rights reserved, and may not be reprinted without my permission. Further exposure is of course welcome, just talk to me. :)